22 noviembre, 2019

Should you start using a Logbook?

It might not have crossed your mind but it could be very beneficially to have a Logbook for your babysitter. This could include a variety of information and might help you get organised. A Logbook allows you and your babysitter to communicate effectively. This would allow you to keep track of what your child has eaten while you have been away and what they have done. Did they have their daily nap at 2 pm or did they miss it? This information can be told to you once you are back but sometimes you forget information or are too rushed to take it all in. If the information is written down it will make everything a lot easier. I am going to discuss some tips […]
12 noviembre, 2019

How music can be used as a tool to help teach English

Previously in this blog, we have spoken about using art to help teach English and in this blog post were a going to discuss a similar topic. This week we are looking at incorporating music into the world of learning. Music is a great tool to help with learning English because it is more memorable and can make learning seem more interesting, especially for young children. It has been shown that if you listen to information as part of a song you can comprehend the text better. So if students sing about the material they are trying to learn then they are connecting the information more engagingly. Therefore in this post, we are going to discuss different ways to incorporate music into teaching English. Sing […]
5 noviembre, 2019

How to make the most of the outdoors in a City

  Living in a city gives you so many opportunities with access to all the amenities you might need. It is easy to get wrapped up in the city life travelling from one place to another and forgetting about setting time aside to spend time outdoors. Now luckily if you live in a place like Madrid there are lots of parks around that are great for getting children to spend time outdoors but even as the colder months start it is important to spend time in the fresh air. Spending time outside ensures you get enough Vitamin D, to improve bone strength, and stabilises your mood. Taking a walk and enjoying nature can decrease anxiety levels and boost your immune system. There are a multitude […]
28 octubre, 2019

It´s the spookiest time of the year… Halloween

In the UK on 31st October there are celebrations for Halloween. Here in Spain it is more commonly known as El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Halloween in Spain is the start of a three-day celebration. Far from what you find in America or the UK, this is not a commercial holiday. In Spain, this time is all about honouring the dead and celebrating the continuity of life. The specific customs and rituals that can be observed are similar to those seen in Mexico. Different regions of Spain also have different traditions. Northern Spain is known for having a more Celtic background while Barcelona has its Catalan traditions. Whatever this festive period means to you, it gives the opportunity to switch things […]