15 septiembre, 2020
Niñera bilingüe con inglés

Cómo hacer más fácil la vuelta al cole con la ayuda de tu babysitter bilingüe

Llega Septiembre y con él la famosa vuelta al cole y a la rutina tras un verano cuanto menos extraño y unos meses de incertidumbre y de no saber cómo afrontar esta nueva normalidad. Parece ser que, por el momento, los colegios funcionarán con la mayor normalidad posible y nuestros peques volverán a clase a partir de esta semana, por lo que debemos empezar a organizarnos y a buscar la forma más fácil de hacer esta transición a la vida escolar una vez más. La figura de la niñera o babysitter es de enorme ayuda en un hogar donde ambos padres trabajan y necesitan a alguien que les eche una mano con el cuidado de los más pequeños. Si a esto le sumamos que el […]
4 septiembre, 2020

Why have a bilingual babysitter to assist in learning English?

Many of you may wonder, why choose a bilingual babysitter for your children, when you can speak to your own children in English? Well, the truth is that there are great advantages to having a bilingual babysitter to assist your children in learning English, there are many ways a babysitter is able to provide engagement in the English language in a way a parent or a guardian, can’t. When we here at Canguroidiomas recruit our babysitters, we make sure that they all have an English level that is up to standard to ensure your children’s development in the language.   Difficult keeping up with the English language at home? As a parent, it can be very easy to switch back to your native language when […]
21 agosto, 2020

Creating arts and crafts together with your children

  Social distancing and spending much time at home – are you already out of ideas on how to entertain the little ones? Why not make some arts and crafts together with your children! Creativity not only allows children to develop problem solving skills and learn the practicalities of creating something from scratch, it also teaches them to engage in the process of self-expression and better learn to express and and cope with their feelings. Do you have a bilingual babysitter? – include them in the process, maybe they remember something fun and creative they used to do as children; maybe they know a traditional handcraft to make from where they are from? And as always, your babysitters are there to engage your children in […]
7 agosto, 2020

Simple recipes to cook with your children this summer

Learn English while cooking A warm summer deserves some delicious cooking. And what better way to cook something simple and fresh than with your children? Even better, hire a babysitter with us and have them engage in English while cooking, making it a fun and enjoyable moment for the children to both improve their English skills and make a delicious treat. So, lets jump to it; here are some delicious, simple, and fresh recipes to enjoy together with your children this summer:   SUMMER FRUIT SALAD What is so great about this salad is that you don’t have to complicate things with an intricate recipe, it is simply meant to be fun to make and fresh to eat in the summer heat. This salad is […]