5 febrero, 2020

How to improve your language skills while being abroad

As mentioned in our previous blog post learning a language after the age of 10 is a lot harder. However, this doesn´t mean it is impossible. Having weekly classes to get you started in learning a language is great but to obtain a more natural fluency you need to immerse yourself in the language. Now I know this isn´t always possible but when you do have the opportunity you want to make the most of it. So this blog post is going to give some tips on how to get you one step closer to speaking the language like a native. 1. Find new media in the language you are trying to learn This is a great way to practice and learn more of the […]
30 enero, 2020

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Research shows that learning a second language as a young child is very beneficial. Not only are there the benefits that they can speak more than one language but children who are bilingual can also learn new information faster and easier. In this blog post, we are looking at current research to make sure you know the benefits of learning a second language and what the best age is to introduce a new language. Firstly, how does the brain structure help learning a second language? Learning a second language when you are younger is a lot easier than when people are older. This is because children’s brains are like sponges so they can absorb new information a lot easier. The unconsciously learn song lyrics, rhythms […]
23 enero, 2020

Dinner Time…

One thing we haven´t covered much in this blog is food. Baking was previously mentioned in the blog ´Tips and Activities to help your child and babysitter bond´ but general nutrition and meals have not been discussed. This is a very important topic especially for younger children because you want to make sure they are getting the food they need to grow and be healthy. Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, as well as, folate, vitamin C and potassium. Regularly eating a variety of fruit and veg can help children’s long-term health. So here we are going to talk about some tips to help children get their 5 a day. Tip 1. Making soup or a tomato sauce from blended […]
14 enero, 2020

The Power of Reading

In the United States, the average time a person spends watching TV is 270 minutes per day, compared to 233 minutes per day in Spain and 212 in the UK. This is just the average time and one study found that children can spend up to 8 hours a day looking at a screen. This has dramatically changed since the 1990s due to evolving technology and new devices. In this post, we are going to discuss how we can reduce children’s screen time and increase their reading time. Then we will look at what is so beneficial about reading with children. Firstly, I am going to say watching TV or films aren’t all bad. If children watch TV shows they can often be quite educational […]