6 enero, 2020

5 Tips to Boost a Child´s Self-esteem

Happy New Year everyone and we a getting back into the blogs. We are kicking of 2020 with advice on how to boost a child´s self-esteem. Firstly I am going to talk a little bit about why self-esteem is so important. If children have higher self-esteem they are more likely to feel confident about trying new things. This means they are more likely to find new hobbies or things that interest them. Also, when mistakes are made children are more likely to cope with this well and try again rather than give up at the first hurdle. This is important when you are younger because they are still learning so children will regularly make mistakes and fail. What you don´t want to happen is let […]
18 diciembre, 2019

British Cuisine and their Food Culture

British ways of saying I am Hungry: «Let´s get some scran, I am starving» «My stomach is growling»   «I could eat eat a horse» «I am famished» This introduces todays topic on British food and culture.  This week we are testing out some different content and looking a traditions and culture of an English speaking places. The United Kingdom is home to a variety of different cultures and the people living there originating from all over the world. This is something that should be celebrated because it has led to there being a great diversity in food in Britain. If you go to a large city here you can find tacos to sashimi then Korean BBQ to tapas, all on one street. In the […]
11 diciembre, 2019

What is sensory play and why is it beneficial?

Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. We are born with 5 senses that are all very important but when it comes to teaching we often concentrate on only a few of these. There can be many advantages to sensory play that incorporates all the senses not just one or two. Just like any skills you aren’t just born with them and instead we learn by being exposed to new experiences. Developing each of these senses is very important. Therefore in this blog post, we are going to discuss what the advantages of sensory play are and what sort of activates you might want to include next time you are babysitting or as […]
2 diciembre, 2019

It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas…

It is that time of the year again as the nights become longer and the days become shorter that we start thinking about Christmas. The presents under the tree, the lights brightening the night sky. Families coming together and children start singing carols. This time comes quicker and quicker every year and it might be time you mix things up a bit and try and incorporate new vocabulary and games to help teach English. There are a range of activities that can be done that are fun for both the children and the parents or babysitters. Below we will discuss a range of ways to encourage the use of the English language based around the festive theme of Christmas. Make Christmas Cards This is where […]