18 septiembre, 2020
Learning vocabulary

4 ways to introduce new English vocabulary

How can you introduce new English vocabulary to your children? This can be a tricky thing when English is not your strongest suit. This is why we offer the service of a bilingual babysitter for you and your children. Your babysitter will communicate with your children in an everyday manner in English. Both you and your babysitter can be part of making the learning process fun and easy for your children.   Here are a some ways to introduce new English vocabulary to your children in a fun and educating way:   Introduce “Word of the day” Find a convenient place in your home where you can put up a note each day with your word of the day. Make it a routine to every […]
21 agosto, 2020

Creating arts and crafts together with your children

  Social distancing and spending much time at home – are you already out of ideas on how to entertain the little ones? Why not make some arts and crafts together with your children! Creativity not only allows children to develop problem solving skills and learn the practicalities of creating something from scratch, it also teaches them to engage in the process of self-expression and better learn to express and and cope with their feelings. Do you have a bilingual babysitter? – include them in the process, maybe they remember something fun and creative they used to do as children; maybe they know a traditional handcraft to make from where they are from? And as always, your babysitters are there to engage your children in […]
24 julio, 2020

Apps for children to learn English together with you!

  Learning alongside an app   During the summer holidays you have a great opportunity to keep your children interested in learning the English language while doing something fun. In today’s modern tech society, we tend to rely on apps, and this does not have to be a bad thing. A learning app can be very stimulating to the learning process as it uses bright colors, sound and image to create a learning experience. These English apps combines learning with playing and allows the children to properly interact with the content. And as mentioned in last week’s blog post, when a child has a parent or a babysitter willing to take part in their learning process, they will find it more fun and feel encouraged […]