6 essential tips to keep in mind when hiring a British babysitter

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6 essential tips to keep in mind when hiring a British babysitter

The perfect British babysitter

Looking for the perfect British babysitter can be an arduous process; not only do you need to be able to trust them with your tiny pride and joy, but they need to fit into your family and routine seamlessly. Whilst we can´t promise you Mary Poppins, we can try and help you find the next best thing. Have a read of our 6 top tips for finding the perfect British babysitter.

  1. What is your reasoning for getting a babysitter?

People look for English babysitters for lots of different reasons- because they need childcare, because they want their child to learn English or maybe because they want to help out someone new to the city. Whatever your reasoning is, you need to make sure you look for the perfect babysitter to fulfil that criteria – for example, if you need a babysitter to teach your child to speak English, then make sure all your candidates have a high level of English. If you don´t think you can accurately judge their language ability, ask someone to help.  

  • What does your child enjoy?

It´s much easier to find the perfect babysitter when you put your childs interests first – do they enjoy colouring? Then maybe look for a babysitter with the same hobby.  If they love to be active, maybe pick someone with an interest in sports. If you´re child is going to be spending a lot of time with their babysitter, you have to make sure they gel.

  • What experience does your babysitter have with children?

If you´re going to trust someone with your child, you want to make sure they know what they are doing! The best way to do this?  Make sure all your candidates have a good amount of experience, and check their references. Speak to them about their past experiences; any particular moments they enjoyed, how they dealt with misbehaviour, what they have learnt etc…

  • Does your babysitter seem enthusiastic about the job?

It takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm to take care of kids – as I´m sure you are well aware. If the babysitter doesn´t seem enthusiastic in the interview, how are they going to be enthusiastic 5 months in, when they´re singing Let It Go for the 50th time that day?

  • Can your babysitter be committed to a long contract?

Not only do kids need one consistent babysitter, they also need a consistent routine. If you´re going to have to replace this babysitter in 2 or 3 months time, that’s a lot more work for you, and a lot more disruption for your child. Find someone who is committed to a long-term contact; preferably 6 months or more! Plus, it saves you a lot of hours spent interviewing babysitters all over again. 

  • What other priorities does your babysitter have?

Does your babysitter have other commitments, like university, or another part-time job? It´s important to consider the schedules of your candidates and whether they fit the hours you need childcare for. If you´re looking for someone young, then you may need to understand their university commitments, but if you´re looking for someone very flexible, then a babysitter with a second job might not be the ideal person for you.

  • Conduct your interviews in English

If you´re looking for an English babysitter, then they may occasionally struggle with Spanish. If you want to really get to know your babysitter, then try to conduct your interviews in English. Not only will they be able to express themselves better, but it will give you the perfect opportunity to check out their English – they´re going to be passing their knowledge along to your chid after all!

We hope these handy tips help you find the perfect British babysitter!

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