Tips and Activities to help your Babysitter and Child Bond

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Tips and Activities to help your Babysitter and Child Bond

So you have found a new babysitter, great. You got on with them well in the interview and now you want the children to like them as well. Having someone new look after your children can be a big step so how can you make this process as easy as possible?

Well, here we are going to talk about some potential activities that might help the babysitter and child bond.

But firstly we are going to share some of our top tips for the babysitter at the first meeting, you could share these with you babysitter before the first day:

1.Be confidence. This is very important because if the babysitter seems shy and nervous the child will be able to tell and might not be as comfortable around them. If they show excitement then the children will be a lot more willing to be left alone with them for the first time making everything easier. As a parent, you could help by giving them all the important information prior to the first day so they feel prepared and therefore more comfortable.


2. Ask Questions.  Questions are a great way to break the ice and find out what the child likes. If interest is shown in their lives then they will be happy to share because children love showing you the things they enjoy. Even if they are younger and they can’t have a full conversation they can still show off their favourite toys. This is also a two-way street and the babysitter can share information about what their favourite colours, animals and songs are in return.


3. Know what level the child is at. The babysitter will know the age of the child so they should know roughly what the each child is capable of and what they might need help with. A toddler has very different needs compared to a 6-year-old, but as a parent you can help them. You can give them information on anything your child might struggle with or tell them about things they can do on their own. You want your child to continue to learn and grow while still having the support and help they need.


4. Encourage your babysitter to get involved. When the child starts playing, let the babysitter play with them rather than just watching. This might be obvious but newer babysitters might be a little nervous and cautious, but the more involved they get the more everyone will relax. Some of the activities discussed down below could help with this step.


Any activities that encourage teamwork are great, especially in the early days, but here are some good examples below:

Baking: This is always a good activity to do because all children love food and making things. Depending on their age they can get ingredients out the cupboards, weight them out or be part of the mixing everything together. It is not only teaching them some life skills but it is fun as well. Then afterwards the children have something to show for their time and everyone can enjoy the delicious treats they have baked. This activity can also be used as an opportunity to teach the children English words for the ingredients you are using. Also, it is important to make sure all allergies (if any) are clearly explained before any cooking or baking is done.

Sport:  Now if you have access to a nearby park this would be a great option. You can play different ball games like playing catch or football. Even if this doesn’t interest them you could get them playing Frisbee or skipping if you have some rope. If there is any way to get children active while working together and having fun is a sure way to get a good bond to form. Then afterwards everyone can rest and eat. Children always have more energy in them than you think, so tiring them out on a school night is never a bad thing.

Dancing:  It is important to remember that children can still be active even if you aren´t outside. Often children will have a song they love at the moment. Maybe you could show them some of your moves and dance along to the music. Dancing has shown to be a great way to form a bond between two people. So you are getting them to exercise a bit while still increasing the bond between the child and babysitter. Even if the child is at a young age and can’t dance themselves yet, they often love being danced around.

I hope these tip and activities will help you along the way to getting a good babysitter and maybe it will inspire other activities that you could do. If you are still on the look out for a new babysitter you can always look on our website or contact us at

And finally the take-home message for the babysitter is ‘To be confident, show interest and most importantly have fun.’


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