Why have a bilingual babysitter to assist in learning English?

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21 agosto, 2020
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Why have a bilingual babysitter to assist in learning English?

Many of you may wonder, why choose a bilingual babysitter for your children, when you can speak to your own children in English? Well, the truth is that there are great advantages to having a bilingual babysitter to assist your children in learning English, there are many ways a babysitter is able to provide engagement in the English language in a way a parent or a guardian, can’t. When we here at Canguroidiomas recruit our babysitters, we make sure that they all have an English level that is up to standard to ensure your children’s development in the language.


Difficult keeping up with the English language at home?

As a parent, it can be very easy to switch back to your native language when speaking with your children, it’s nothing that you do wrong, it’s just a reflex. It happens. Why? Because it’s your and your children’s routine, when a conversation gets difficult or emotions come into play, it’s difficult to stay focused on speaking a second language that is not natural for either one of you. One of the main tasks of our bilingual babysitters’ job is to speak English with you children in their everyday activities, so your children will develop new routines and norms together with their babysitter, that enables them to continue in the second language even when things gets difficult.

Have a babysitter from another country?

If you hire a bilingual babysitter with us that is native to another country, your child will also be able to develop a sense of respect for other cultures. To be able to grow up with people from diverse backgrounds will enhance your child’s understanding of the world and the importance of inclusiveness, as well as learning that a second language can allow you to communicate with people from many parts of the world. This is something that is always best taught hands on.

Have a babysitter from Spain?

Imagine growing up seeing someone else from your own country having such a great level of English? Wouldn’t you feel inspired? That is what we believe your child will feel in the presence of an English-speaking babysitter from Spain. Even if you are a Spanish native who speaks English as their parent, by your child seeing someone outside the family speaking English, makes the language so much more important, they will understand it’s something they can use to communicate with others, not only their parents. A Spanish native outside the family would further understand common mistakes made by them in the English language and would be able to correct such things right away, instead of it becoming a habit, something that may be difficult for someone inside the family, such as the parent who won’t be able to notice the mistakes as easily.

Do you believe in effortless learning?

Having a babysitter will also allow for an effortless learning at home. It’s a way to continue the learning from school to home. If you as a parent will try to continue school at home by utilizing the English language, chances are that your children will be extremely tired and don’t want to put in the effort to speak English. However, having a babysitter often creates a special link between the child and the babysitter, allowing activities such as speaking English to not feel as school, but rather as a fun after school activity. Once the child develops their own routines with their babysitter, mentioned above, they won’t feel the pressure to “perform” as in school, but it would rather become the new norm for them and their babysitters.

Lastly, making mistakes can be awkward!

Your child will make many mistakes as they learn their new language, and that is okay. But making those mistakes together with their parents can be difficult. The parent and the babysitter will always have very different roles, where the babysitter will be more seen as a good friend and the parent, naturally, will always be the one parenting. An easier way may be for your child to develop, learn, and make mistakes, together with their bilingual babysitter, to then be able to show their parents what they have learnt. This way, we skip expectations, we skip unnecessary stress and awkwardness, and just keep the fun. Doesn’t it sound like a great deal?


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